Intrapreneurs are your early warning system

In 1986, in Britain’s mining industry, there were 200 redundancies issued. It was an underground movement to replace these jobs with technology. Those made redundant weren’t as disappointed as you might think even though they received no severance pay. In fact, they remained quite chirpy despite losing their jobs.   Canaries had been used in […]

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Entrepreneurial Strategy, not just for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs haven’t changed but the world they live in has Once upon a time, If you investigate who coined the term Entrepreneur you’ll see Jean- Baptiste Say (1767-1842) widely credited as doing so around 1800. Whilst it’s true he popularised it, he was not the originator. That accolade goes to an Irish economist and financier […]

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Which business models are under attack?

CBA has bought a $300,000 robot to put in its innovation lab. That’s a pretty symbolic statement for a company with over 1100 branches. Estimates of the impact of Robotic Process Automation on bank branch jobs vary considerably, potentially ‘saving’ between 20% and 50% of employee’s routine processing. As with driverless transport, the economic case […]

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Suffering from Innovation Overload and still no bloody clearer?

  Atlassian did it to Enterprise Software Kaggle did it for data-science Netflix did it for movies (3 times) Airly is about to do it for Air Travel in Australia Waddle did it for working capital Kickstarter did it for entrepreneurs Slack did it for projects and Pokemon did it for AR   What did […]

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A Smack for Professional Services

Well its only gunna be a smack if (A) you love status quo and don’t want to change/improve AND (B) you are NOT already a leading version of your industry. We walk into the doctor’s practice, wait for… now let me think… too bloody long and then have the pleasure of being called from afar, […]

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