This Intrapreneurship program develops the Intrapreneurial skills of your change agents. You may be concerned about your organisation’s ability to get traction on change fast enough to remain relevant in your market. One of the reasons why this happens is it can be difficult to get your entire organisation to be more innovative and to change faster. A better course of action is to identify, develop and activate your Intrapreneurial employees. These intrapreneurs are self driven to deliver change and innovation. This video blog talks about this.

But this program is not just about developing a capability for Intrapreneurship, it’s about getting a real, new business growth project through to launch. This program launches a speedboat off the side of the battleship to chart a new, high growth opportunity for a more sustainable future.

This program is designed for:

  • Companies that want to:
    • identify and Develop your future makers, your Intrapreneurs
    • launch a significant growth project
    • invest in some of their highest potential performers; those who are probably not fully focused, empowered and channeled at the moment
    • get more change, more quickly in your best growth interests
    • foster smart risk and innovation

This program delivers:

  • Identification of your Intrapreneurs
  • Intrapreneurship training – skills, tools and frameworks in innovation and disruption
  • A very high performing team(s) of Intrapreneurial leaders for growth and change agendas
  • At least one completely new major growth opportunity for your organisation
  • A launch of that opportunity

Current business models and company longevity are eroding at the fastest pace any of our current generations have seen. In short, its getting harder to grow, harder to retain your most entrepreneurial talent and harder to keep up with the pace of external change in your organisations.


Some of the issues we see in organisations are:

  • retaining, challenging and channelling your more ‘entrepreneurial’ employees
  • creating an ecosystem where these employees are positive and are launching projects that succeed
  • tapping into these Intrapreneurs you know you must have, so you can get ahead of the changes coming for your market
  • innovating more like a startup whilst leveraging your scale, reach and market access
  • speeding up your organisations ability to innovate your business model and launch new high growth business areas

This program

is about harnessing your revolutionaries

for your company’s next evolution



What is covered in this program?


  • The process we take the team through is
    • Build Capability (skills, frameworks, structure and ecosystem)
    • Generate Insights (digital revolution trends, big data/analytics, innovation)
    • Focus on Breakthroughs for new, high growth opportunity (disruption, jumps, pivots)
    • Track Progress (activity, adoption, milestones)

We build the capability for Intrapreneurship by developing your Intrapreneurs and your ecosystem within which they function. With this increased capability, we plug in external trends, more data analysis to get insights, those aha moments where we have new understanding. Then we use business model innovation frameworks for the breakthroughs. The frameworks are fast and finite, generating disruption and jumps in potential alternatives for review and decision. All this is tested in an iterative approach with customers for progress.


INTRAPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM DETAILS (Pilot Workshops and Programs are also possible)

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Format: 1 full day workshop each month with Intrapreneurs (generally a group of 10) plus necessary workshops/meetings with sponsors on organisational ecosystem required for success
  • Traction: Action plans each month
  • Support: the necessary support to get results including but not limited to additional workshops, mid month call sessions, group and individual mentoring and advisory support
  • Outcomes: New growth projects designed, launched and tested. Yes – this is a high performance program designed to get results within the program as the Intrapreneurs not only develop but they apply what they are learning.

With the waves of change we are seeing, and the opportunities for strong individuals outside the walls of your organisation, there isn’t much time to waste getting this program up and running. You may need to accelerate what’s NEXT.



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