Leadership for disruption



The Lead NEXT workshop is designed to give your team an engaging and fun way to learn about Business Model Innovation. The frameworks we provide make strategic thinking very accessible to the attendees and they walk away with three things

  • Frameworks and tools to take back into the workplace for greater strategic thinking to create more future opportunities
  • Practice in using and applying the tools in a fun, engaging hypothetical game (running businesses and making decisions about business model innovation)
  • Embedded experiential learning that sticks better

Businesses with teams responsible for looking for new iterations or breakthroughs to business strategy will love this.

Whether you are developing a team to capture more of their thinking in the workplace, looking to give them a development opportunity or really need to move your business to its NEXT stage – this one day workshop is a great start.

The Lead NEXT program is about tapping into latent talent to get more strategic ideas, more ownership and more results.



✧ One or two day interactive and fun workshop

✧ Join the Amazon, Apple, Netflix or Google Team for a business model innovation adventure

✧ Collaborative learning, team performance and dynamics

Two things most people won’t argue about is that our workforces are busy and that our markets and companies are being influenced by technology change. For these reasons one thing many organisations are trying to do is retain and better ‘tap into’ their current talent bank. When things are changing rapidly, we need more input from all of our teams, especially the ones closest to technology change and customers.


One of the catchcry’s at the moment is – ‘lets disrupt ourselves before someone else does’.

It can be difficult for many of those involved in that discussion to adequately define that statement and even harder to turn that into actionable insights.

There are some helpful methodologies like Lean Start-up methodology (being used now in companies of all sizes) and Business Model Canvas. This workshop introduces some of the concepts in these approaches but predominantly focusses on Business Model Innovation frameworks to get rapid insights. For example, workshop participants will easily be able to recognise different business models. The will get insights like, ‘yes everyone talks about Uber and Airbnb when they talk disruption, but do you realise they have different business models.’

By using well-known companies whose journeys are relatively public, as case studies and protagonists, in our workshop, we can identify some of the key strategic decisions they have taken over their Business Model Innovation lifecycle. The workshop participants learn faster in this context because they are highly engaged and make strategic decisions and then get feedback on them. Once the models are more familiar they are able to think more clearly about their own organisations. Change may or not be high on your agenda but this workshop is about equipping the team to be high performance in the strategic thinking stakes.

They love it

The Organisation benefits from motivated, engaged strategic thinkers returning and who knows , maybe they’ll disrupt themselves before someone else does.



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