We need to build organisations that have a future growth capability. If we neglect this too long, our task becomes harder and poor results endure longer. Corporate Innovation and Business Transformation are typically hard to get traction on. Developing Intrapreneurship and developing the corporate ecosystem that intrapreneurs operate in are essential to building significant revenue from growth projects. There has been lots of innovation activity but many are saying they are not deriving a decent return in their organisation from the time and money invested. How are your change, innovation and growth programs going?

How are some companies able to seemingly come from nowhere and drive dramatic results?

The pace of global change is ageing company life cycles more rapidly. Innovation focus needs to shift beyond product innovation to the ways that companies operate, business model innovation.

The Business models and Revenue models that new age organisations use are often not that different to the past but are often applied in new ways. There are identifiable catalysts in place that drive that conversion to a future based business. Executives, managers and leaders at all levels need to find ways to classify, diagnose and structure their NEXT activities to thrive. Intrapreneurship is one of the most powerful vehicles for this because you identify and develop those in your organisation that already have entrepreneurial tendencies.  Challenging and channeling these Intrapreneurs lifts their motivation, activation and ultimately their retention.

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