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Event Managers

Paul Broadfoot is a Thought Leader in Growth Strategy, Disruption and Business innovation.

“It’s time for companies to accelerate their journey; to get to NEXT, sooner.

Business transformation is an imperative.”

Paul Broadfoot is a business evolution expert and one of Australia’s leading practitioners of growth strategies in times of high change.

Growth strategies can be centred around any of the following; business, revenue, market and/or differentiation models.

Paul takes out the hocus pocus, double-speak, jargon and clichés out of business talk, to deliver insight and progress to an audience’s thinking.

He challenges us to think deeply and differently about how to win, in new and emerging business landscapes.

Growing businesses today is a lot about reinventing our thinking before we look at reinventing our organisations.

Combining our disrupted world with business model frameworks and business transformation tools, in candid, challenging and cool new ways, Paul gives audiences new perspectives for them to take into their own organisations. If it’s about growth strategy, “future-engineered” businesses and disruption – he’s your guy.

Most importantly, Speakers need impact., its about getting that person who leaves the audience wanting more. The ingredients are usually great content, delivered with flair based on humour, experience and real world examples. Thinking on your feet is just essential.

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