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From sewing machines to 3D printers – the great unwinding of the efficiency and productivity era

The First and Second Industrial revolutions pulled people into factories. The rise of mass production dramatically lowered the cost of goods, which in turn spurred demand. In some cases new markets were created. Many of these goods offered people time savings. The combination of being able to access cheaper and cheaper products that also afforded […]

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A Tale of Invention, Survival and Modern Day Unicorns

We could be forgiven for being confused about business improvement… It’s no wonder a great proportion of businesses are unremarkable. They receive seemingly contradictory advice on how to grow. It becomes unclear what to do next when results are declining. We are expounded to do the following on a regular basis from all the business […]

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Why backing SMARTphone leaders could be STUPID

The Sage of Omaha once said, and I paraphrase a little, that when you get a technology based transformation its much easier to pick the losers than pick and make money on the  winners. His cases in point were the automobile and the plane. Whilst cars changed the way people moved around forever more,  it […]

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