ABOUT Paul Broadfoot

I believe in challenging the status quo in business to avoid ‘lazy strategy’ where jobs are lost and organization’s performance, even their legacies, are weakened.

I do this by finding new breakthrough ideas for growth using disruption and business model innovation frameworks, perspectives and insights with you on your business.

But ideas alone are not enough. We need action and energy to achieve real results. This is what we sign up for.

What I believe

that we need to innovate our strategies as much as we innovate our next products or services

that the rate of change right now is leaving many businesses behind

that incumbent businesses can take lessons from disruptors to future-proof themselves (and vice-versa)

What I stand for

being committed to finding a way to win and get results

helping businesses not to stop short of the depth of thinking required to be top performers

elegant, powerful and disruptive strategy generation

What I have done

youngest GM in a global Fortune 500 company

been a Strategy Director responsible for travelling to business units in 13 countries to generate growth

founded a consulting business to help organisations to turnaround performance

written a book and speak at conferences on Disruption, Business Model Innovation and Intrapreneurship

graduated from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, one of the most rigorous MBA programs in the world, with a perfect GPA score of 4.0

Want to drive change together?