Click here to see some examples of the 24 different business models in today’s world. We define a business model by the type of income generating ASSET and the income generating activity. What is your business model? What are your competitor’s? and how can you innovate your business model? Use this table to explore your strategic options.

Business Model Tables


Nexflix have had three different business models. You can read the key strategic entrepreneurial leadership decisions in this case study. We have also included a brief summary of their story by codifying the elements of their communication model, differentiation model and revenue model they used to be so successful.

Download the case study here

The Xcelerate Blueprint gives you a file you can print out on A3 to map your own current and future strategy. Have it laminated and draw on it, put a few around the walls and see what new business units you can create. This Blueprint is based on all the models in the book Xcelerate which you may find a useful tool in engaging your team in Business Model Innovation workshops.

Download the Xcelerate Blueprint here


The Xcelerate Whitepaper shows you the hidden model behind the exponential growth we sometimes see in markets. This whitepaper details what is happening to incumbent organisations with disruption and innovation. What is the case for change?

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