Strategy Transformation

Markets are shifting more quickly in 2020 with the effects of  COVID-19, disrupted supply chains, different customer behaviour and new disruptive trends

Now is the time when current market leaders will be tested and new leaders can emerge

Its never been more important to get your strategy right as the stakes are high

You continue to need to get your teams thinking more strategically, executing faster and making the changes you need now

If you need help moving fast enough, we are here to help

          Advanced Business Strategy Programs


Insights on dealing with disruption


  • Diagnose disruption threats to current business
  • Identify market disruption strategy trends and opportunities
  • Frameworks to forecast market change
  • Single session  or 3 session series


Leadership Team Strategy Days

Strategy, growth, cohesion


  • 1 and 2 day strategy lead/facilitation events
  • State-of-the-art business strategy programs
  • Evaluate, clarify and validate key strategic direction decisions
  • Get traction on change, growth and the future
  • Optimise your business model
Lead Next


A mentor in your corner to get you ahead



  • Strategy, transformation, disruption and leadership
  • Simulate your leadership strategy and actions with a sounding board
  • Face to face or remote mentoring
  • Flexible program that provides accessibility when needed


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Your NEXT LEVEL of performance

It’s getting harder to stay better. You know as leaders what it has taken to get you to your current stage. You fought for it, but you also thought for it. To get to your next level of performance, you can feel that change needs to come faster than it did before.

But you seem to have more demands on your time and the external market landscape is shifting at such a rate that new capabilities are required in both you and your teams.

There is a need for more future thinking, more decisions on strategy in the next 12 months than in the past 5 years. More bets must be placed to bring in new opportunities via new business strategy and setting about getting ahead of  disruption. But there is less time and less room for making the wrong moves in an unforgiving environment.

Better Results – faster

You need the leadership talent that can deliver new strategies powerfully and willingly. Trust, tribes and traction are essential to progress and your best future.

Some companies prefer to have an external impetus for change. Getting buy-in and engagement can sometimes be tough. At exactly the time when everyone needs to commit to the new, there are always those who cling to the old. Having a strategy mentor as a change catalyst can help significantly.

Investing in an advanced business strategy program that accelerates your organisation to its next level of performance can be the boost you need.

Existing business models are eroding, customer buying behaviour is moving and markets are shifting, whether you are keeping up or not. This is conspiring to make leadership and business strategy tougher. All the more reason to get an ally, a mentor, an adviser but most importantly a friendly guide who can work with you and your team for better results – faster.

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