Transformation Workshops


Running a disruption workshop with your leadership team generates options for accessing new markets and adding in new bolt-on business models for growth in times of disruption. These workshops provide credible alternative business strategies when you need them. A disruption workshop provides powerful solutions to business as usual by generating options and new perspectives for your business.

The way we do this is by providing advanced, but easy to use frameworks, so attendees become productive and energised quickly to generate momentum on improvement and business model innovation. Your team has deep expertise in your world and just need access to new ways of thinking via these frameworks to facilitate breakthrough opportunities.

If you need to get to WHAT’s NEXT faster, with more people on board, take a look at these workshops.

                Choose a Signature Disruption Strategy Workshop

Accelerate Next


Get faster traction on improvement and innovation

launch new growth

What’s included

  • Structure your change and transformation projects
  • Save time getting to launch
  • Stop being beaten to market by startups
Design Next


Develop a bolt-on disruptive business model

find new growth

What’s included

  • Identify bold, breakthrough growth ideas
  • Prototype business models
  • FAST Hack frameworks to generate disruptive opportunities
Lead Next


How to lead teams on strategy and business model innovation

lead new growth


What’s included

  • Decide what to work on first
  • Test your thinking
  • Create powerful teamwork
  • Ensure nothing is missing

Inquire about a workshop?

Employees are keen to work for organisations that

  • tap into their potential
  • trust them to own and drive change projects
  • they can be passionate about

Basically, they want to work for companies that have growth in their future.

They want to work for a company that is proactive amidst disruption.

They want to be in a place where leaders invest in their learning, challenge them, support them and involve them in business model innovation and business strategy.

These strategy workshops can be a part, or a start, of that.

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