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When is 70% off too much?

When is 70% off too much? Last week both Dick Smith and Laura Ashley (Australia) went into administration. They were founded within 3 years of each other;  Dick Smith (1968), Laura Ashley (Australia, 1971). They both beat most of the odds for a long time. They could have been in the 40% of businesses that […]

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When is disruption NOT disruption?

In Clayton Christensen’s latest article in HBR (Dec 2015) “What is Disruptive Innovation”, he reminds everyone, rather sternly (or is it just me?) what his definition of disruption is. As he is the father of the theory, we should give it due air time. He asserts that disruption is when a new entrant begins to […]

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Will you be the next leader accused of being an Ostrich?

We often hear about large businesses that get into trouble, a bad quarter, a bad year, downsizing, poor sales and so it goes… We then get a chance to be armchair critics, Monday Morning Quarterbacks, to throw rocks from afar. We then level, our sometimes informed and sometimes ill-informed, critiques at leadership performance. Heads in […]

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Planet Plexus – the revolution that’s changing your world

A few years ago McKinsey published the evolution of the Earth’s economic centre of gravity (the image reproduced here by the Economist)…… The Industrial Revolution was one of the main forces in moving our centre of gravity from Asia across Europe towards the US. Two hundred years later, we have another revolution occurring… In their […]

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