Disruption Workshops

Do you have the growth you need to generate in the next 1-2 years covered?

Are you concerned about the way market change is shifting the sands beneath your organisation?

Have you tapped into opportunities generated from your teams by engaging and challenging them?

Are you working to innovate your market in addition to your products and services?


All too often Innovation workshops are cast too broadly, focus on products and customers only and fail to take into account the market context for disruption. For growth creation, these must be integrated.




If you’d like to kick start your own new growth, inspire and activate your team so you can lead your markets and get moving on change, then check out these workshops honed to do just that – for YOU and YOUR TEAMS.

Disruptive Innovation Workshops


Board or Leadership Team – Disruptive Strategy Session

This session will challenge and improve your organisation’s strategy. To ensure you continue to lead in your market, you must consider new disruptive opportunities and guard against your own market disruption.

In a nutshell – The people around this table are smart and experienced. That’s how you got here. But have you been provided with the best disruptive strategy tools to build the strongest strategy?

Problems it addresses – identifying significant new growth areas for your organisation

Delivers –  bold new plans for significant and breakthrough growth

Designed for –  businesses very serious about leading their markets


Disruptive Innovation Workshop for Business Strategy

Full day Disruptive Innovation Workshop covering the ‘F.A.S.T. Hacks’ disruption methodology

In a nutshell – this disruptive innovation workshop develops business model innovation opportunities

Problems it addresses – generating distinctly new growth options for a businesses strategy

Delivers: Tools for market and customer innovation plus a short list of relevant business growth options for resourcing

Designed for – a group wanting to leave the day with opportunities to implement


Disruptive Innovation Workshop

Half day disruption workshop for business strategy

In a nutshell – targeted at the identification of ‘start-up’ ideas, out of the realm of day to day approaches, to innovate your business and disrupt your market. It quickly gets participants in the mindset of disruptive innovation and business model innovation. If explains the four types of innovation

Problems it addresses – getting your team energised and active around growth generation

Delivers – Grounding in some powerful business model innovation tools and a bank of early stage ideas for further review in a fun and engaging context

Designed for – getting a team started on strong growth, disruptive innovation approaches


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It’s not hard to find an innovation workshop that generates ideas. Generating ideas is very important and gives workshop attendees the excitement of creation and involvement. These ‘innovation highs’ can quickly turn into disappointment though, upon return to the day to day, without the tools and mindset to make change happen.  If Innovation 1.0 was about hack-a-thons and idea generation then Innovation 2.0 needs to be more about getting those ideas implemented. Investing in and fostering much higher engagement, drive and motivation, via innovation and disruption, ends up creating the type of  culture everyone wants.