Intrapreneurship Programs


This Intrapreneurship program is all about developing Intrapreneurial capability for results within your organisation.

Some of the issues I see in organisations are:

  • retaining, challenging and channelling your more ‘entrepreneurial’ employees
  • creating an ecosystem where these employees are positive and are launching projects that succeed
  • tapping into these Intrapreneurs you know you must have, so you can get ahead of the changes coming for your market
  • innovating more like a startup whilst leveraging your scale, reach and market access
  • speed up your organisations ability to innovate your business model and launch new high growth business areas

This program is designed to identify, develop and harness your Intrapreneurs for your NEXT growth story?

This program is designed for:

  • Companies that want to invest in some of their highest potential performers; those who are probably not fully focused, empowered and channelled at the moment
  • Companies that want to get more change, more quickly in your best growth interests
  • Companies that want to foster smart risk and innovation

This program delivers:

  • A very high performing team(s) on growth and change agendas
  • Completely new opportunities for your organisation
  • Action and outcomes on disruptive innovation
  • A highly strategic, focused development path for those high potential employees at risk of loss to your organisation


  • Duration: 10 months
  • Format: 1 full day workshop each month with Intraprenuers (generally a group of 10), one off, half day workshop with sponsors on organisational ecosystem required for success
  • Traction: Action plans each month
  • Support: the necessary support to get results including but not limited to additional workshops, mid month call sessions, group and individual mentoring and advisory support
  • Outcomes: New growth projects designed, launched and tested. Yes – this is a high performance program designed to get results within the program as the Intrapreneurs not only develop but they apply what they are learning.

With the waves of change we are seeing, and the opportunities for strong individuals outside the walls of your organisation, there isn’t much time to waste getting this program up and running. You may need to accelerate what’s NEXT.


Below are 4 ways on how to WORK the HOW, to design NEXT

Market Model:

✧ Where is the demand for your product growing most rapidly?

✧ Sales & Communication Model – Does it work well for this growth market as previously or is it better served another way?

✧ What should your mix of Direct Sales, Distributors, Agents, Advertising and Content Marketing be?

The two choices for you to make are:

✧ Should you sell face to face or over the airwaves?

✧ Using either of the above, are you best to communicate directly to your customers or is someone else better positioned to do that?

Business Model:

✧ Is your Business model the best for current times?

✧ Is growth harder than it used to be? Do you feel like your market is changing faster than you are reacting? Then perhaps you need to consider business model innovation.

Differentiation Model:

✧ How do you differentiate from your competitors? If you go to your competitors’ websites do they say the same thing you do? You need to ask, are you truly different? To stand out from the rest you must excel at ONE if these areas: Best Product, Best Customer Experience or Best Price and daylight needs to be a clear second along that ONE dimension.

Revenue Model:

✧ What revenue model should you have? Do your customers want to buy or rent? The rise of subscription models are clear evidence that our markets are less inclined to ownership than they used to be. Are we charging for utilisation or definitive ownership transaction? This is mostly linked to the business model in place but changes can be made.

✧ If you feel like you are not spending enough time engineering future sales growth, it’s a sure sign you need to innovate the HOW as much as the WHAT.


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