Which business models are under attack?

CBA has bought a $300,000 robot to put in its innovation lab. That’s a pretty symbolic statement for a company with over 1100 branches. Estimates of the impact of Robotic Process Automation on bank branch jobs vary considerably, potentially ‘saving’ between 20% and 50% of employee’s routine processing. As with driverless transport, the economic case […]

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A Smack for Professional Services

Well its only gunna be a smack if (A) you love status quo and don’t want to change/improve AND (B) you are NOT already a leading version of your industry. We walk into the doctor’s practice, wait for… now let me think… too bloody long and then have the pleasure of being called from afar, […]

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The Pony Express showed us a way to innovation

The Pony Express showed us a way to innovation, but more on that in a minute… Put simply, there are two ways to innovate. (1)    Product and Service Innovation (2)    Business Model Innovation (new ways of working) Some of the world’s biggest and most successful start-ups have focused on (2) whilst many large incumbents are […]

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Subscription revenue models for airlines, what can we learn?

The latest gust of subscription revenue models can be seen in the airline industry. Subscriptions are popping up everywhere. This month there was another example of an airline subscription model launched with OneGo’s entry into an increasingly populated space. OneGo offers unlimited flying on 700+ commercial airline routes in the US, from 76 airports for […]

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A Tale of Invention, Survival and Modern Day Unicorns

We could be forgiven for being confused about business improvement… It’s no wonder a great proportion of businesses are unremarkable. They receive seemingly contradictory advice on how to grow. It becomes unclear what to do next when results are declining. We are expounded to do the following on a regular basis from all the business […]

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